You have been hired as a marketing consultant for a

You have been hired as a marketing consultant for a local (Greater Vancouver) business. Compile a report for your client (the business). The report must be compiled as a written report with visual components (graphs, charts, info-graphics) and submitted as a .pdf file through moodle.    

Everyone must work on a different company which will be displayed here. You must submit your chosen company for approval and once approved it will be added to this document. Any duplicates will receive an automatic zero so please make sure that you check before submission. 

Be creative in your approach and try to incorporate aspects you have learned in the class. Be sure to read Chapter 16 for details on the outline.

Remember to cite your sources (APA citation) and be sure to have a bibliography at the end of your report.

Marking Rubric (Total 75 marks)

  • Executive Summary (5 marks)
  • The Business Challenge (5 marks)
  • The Market (10 marks)
  • The Strategy (10 marks)
  • Budget (Include a pricing strategy)(10 marks)
  • Conclusion (5 marks)
  • Project Presentation (design, organization, visually appealing)(10 marks)
  • Visual Aids (Charts, graphs, info-graphics, pictures)(10 marks)
  • Sources and Bibliography (10 marks)

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